Human Resources Diploma
Last updated 14-06-2022
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Module objectives To acquaint participants with an understanding of human resources management and how it’s reflecting the growth of business value. To teach participants to list steps of the recruitment and selection process. To give explaining how to recruit a more diverse workforce. To understand the purpose and process of employee and blind spots orientation. To discuss how trainees and employees get motivated. To know how to use different training techniques. To show the difference between performance management and performance appraisal. To workout recommendations on improvement of personal effectiveness, to improve quality of individual and team work.

Introduction: to Human resources management
Recruitment and selection process
Training and development methods.
Performance management and evaluation.
The nature of job analysis, including the selection process. what it is and how it’s used.
Practical Applications: workforce.
Team effectiveness: potential strengths and blind spots.
Communication and Work meetings.
Problem-solving and decision making.

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