Strategic Management Diploma

Strategic Management

Introduction to the Diploma of Strategic Management

Strategic management is an essential component of business. It refers to the formulation and implementation of goals and initiatives included in the strategies that the stakeholders have put in place in the organization to ensure the best decision-making processes for the organization, it is important that strategies are developed to support business functions and processes. Therefore, strategic management entails evaluating business goals, the organization’s vision and goals, as well as future plans. Additionally, the strategic management process is used to ensure effective and efficient workflow. Communicating this strategy internally and externally is also critical to success, so that both the employees and the organization can understand the purpose and direction along with the external parties’ understanding of what it stands for as an organization.

– Academic axes of the diploma


Part 1 An introduction to strategic management and business policy

Basic concepts of strategic management
Corporate governance
Social responsibility and ethics in strategic management

Part Two: Environmental Survey

Environmental survey and industry analysis
Organizational analysis and competitive advantage

Part three, strategy formulation

Business strategy
Company strategy
Career strategy and strategic choice

Part 4: Strategy implementation and monitoring

Strategy Implementation: Global Strategy
Strategy Implementation: Organization and Structure
Strategy Implementation: Recruitment and Orientation
Evaluation and oversight

Part 5: Essential Skills for Strategic Professionals

Decision-making skills
thinking skills

Part VI

Case study 1
Case study 2

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