How to Maximize Job Satisfaction


Increased job satisfaction often results in lower stress levels and a better overall attitude at the office. Several factors play into your satisfaction with your career, including your colleagues, manager, projects and workload. While many of the factors are out of your control, the way you deal with the work environment helps improve your attitude and satisfaction. Working with a supervisor to make workplace changes is another effective strategy for feeling more satisfied with your job.

Step 1

Write a list of the benefits and positive aspects of your job, such as the financial rewards, quality health insurance, strong teamwork and flexible work hours. Use this list as a reminder of why you enjoy your job.

Step 2

List the parts of your job that take away from your satisfaction. Think about the things that you dread doing or elements that detract from all of the positives of the job.

Step 3

Identify the factors on your list of job negatives that you can change. For example, if you don’t feel challenged in your position, consider speaking to your supervisor to ask for additional responsibilities or a new, challenging project you can spearhead.

Step 4

Create an action plan for changing the negative aspects of your job. Write down specific actions to take and a timeline for completing the tasks.

Step 5

Educate yourself through training sessions or additional degrees to open up more opportunities at work.

Step 6

Set your own goals at the office to give yourself something to work toward. Let your supervisor know of your goals so she can help you achieve them.

Step 7

Participate actively in workplace decisions and communication when possible. Make suggestions to your supervisor or let him know of situations that decrease the office morale. Take an active role in the team at work to establish positive relationships with your colleagues.

Step 8

Set boundaries for work by only performing work duties at the office. Avoid letting your job spill over into your personal life and family time, as you may eventually begin feeling burned out or negative toward your job.

Step 9

Remind yourself that you’re fortunate to have a job in a tough economy. Refer to your list of positives about the job if you begin feeling negatively toward your work.