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IBA Certificate Verification
Instructions for Verification

If you are a previous IBA learner ( Alumni ) , a university, or an employer seeking to verify the authenticity of an issued IBA certificate, please follow the steps outlined below:

Enter Certificate Details:
Ensure you input the information exactly as it appears on the certificate. This includes the certificate number, the name of the certificate holder, and any other relevant details.

Submit Information:
After entering the required details, submit the verification form.

Email Confirmation:
Once submitted, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive the email within 10 minutes, please check your junk/spam folder.

Official Letter of Validation:
If you require an official letter of validation from IBA, you can request one for a small fee. To apply for this letter, please click here.

Security Measures
Due to advancements in printing technology, the prevalence of fake certificates has increased. However, IBA certificates are designed with several security features to prevent counterfeiting. These measures ensure the integrity and authenticity of our issued certificates.

Contact Us
If you have any issues with the verification process or need further assistance, please contact our support team for help.

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