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IBA has made its mark at these organizations:

Curricula provided by our agents are reviewed by the Graduate Studies Department of the International Business Academy

INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR TRAINING AND CONSULTING                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           .

The International Foundation for Training and  Consulting  is our regional agent in the Middle East region

Curricula are presented in Arabic and you can learn more about the institution through its website

Growth Business school


We provide our educational services to our students from Malaysia and East Asia, and with pride we emphasize the quality of what we offer and our high-end contribution to the development of the financial and business community for students with us and we are honored by the cooperation protocol concluded between us and the International Business Academy in the United Kingdom

Impact-école de commerce


Africa needs more efforts to raise the growth rates of its different countries, and there is no doubt that good education contributes to that matter, which we are keen to provide to learners through our educational platform dedicated to serving students from South and West Africa and under the auspices of a number of educational organizations and bodies.

Asesoramientoy formación de valor